Probate and Real Estate Litigation

We handle trust and estate administration litigation including appeals from Probate Court, actions to remove fiduciaries, actions to compel accountings, and to preserve beneficiaries rights. We also handle actions to assert or defend an expected inheritance.

We represent spouses, adult children, and others on a wide range of issues.  We also represent beneficiaries of a trust who are not receiving the full accounting and information regarding the distribution of trust assets.  Rhode Island and Massachusetts law both mandate yearly accountings.

There may be instances where two people are serving as co-trustees or co-personal representatives of a trust or under a will. If one of the persons is behaving improperly by refusing to cooperate or making decisions without the other person, we advocate on behalf of that other person to protect and preserve his or her rights and responsibilities as a fiduciary.

We also represent beneficiaries to protect their interests against delay or improper actions by fiduciaries.