Wills & Trusts

Proietta law is a full service estate planning firm, using wills and trusts to accomplish the most proper end-of- life plan for our clients. These documents provide for asset protection during life, asset distribution upon death and may allow the estate to avoid probate. We advise clients regarding the benefits, advantages and disadvantages of different trusts, and assist clients with funding issues.

When drafting a last will and testament, we take all issues into consideration including choices of personal representatives, payment methods, testamentary plans, and trusts with pourover provisions for spouses, children, and pets.

We use revocable trusts to allow our clients to avoid the probate process, provide a means for proper asset distribution, and ensure the proper management of assets in the event of incapacity.

We create irrevocable trusts to protect client assets from creditors (including Medicaid as a creditor), provide a means for asset preservation, create a vehicle to receive asset transfers, maximize tax benefits, and facilitate planning for Medicaid.

We establish supplemental needs trusts within a trust to provide financial support for a spouse who is or may be receiving Medicaid benefits to enhance the spouse’s quality of life while preserving the spouse’s ongoing Medicaid benefits.